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Corporate ladder is often precipitous and aiming to climb one needs congruous and progressive performance. However, this is merely impossible unless there is updation of his/her skills. Our corporate training solutions are focused on the front-line staff supervisors in the Indian market. We have multiple offerings in this segment.

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Skill Development

As a burgeoning economy, the critical need of the hour is to effectively tap into the youth capital we possess. As per the SHRM study, India is expected to generate 241 Million people in the employable category over the next 10 years and most of them from the tier 2 and 3 cities and other rural parts of our country. Most of the greenness is from those areas itself. Although these are technically sound they aren’t market ready as a ‘ready meal’. That’s the challenge about! The opportunity areas for them are basic skills such as ‘Spoken English’, ‘Professionalism’, ‘Relevant Competencies & Functional Skills’ and overall personality development.

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Campus To Corporate

In the past, Colleges have rolled out technically competent professionals, who were expected to pick up other soft / professional skills on the job; but the scenario is DIFFERENT today. The time available for students to substantiate themselves on a job is retrenching. Today’s student is expected to have exemplary communication & workplace skills, astute time management and acutely focused & fierce goals prior they even join an organization.

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